Oil on Canvas 2007 Recurring dream about the end of the world. Or the beginning of another.
and Whisper
Oil on Canvas 2012 A sequel to the "Warning" series. She is tempting us yet telling us to yield.
Oil on Canvas 2005Dream featuring National Airport and a figure from my past walking aimlessly.

Works in Progress

Untitled I.
Oil on Canvas October 2019
Very beginning of a new painting.
By The Pricking of My Thumb
Oil on Canvas Nov 8 2019
Everybody Knows
Nov 18 2019

Metaphysical Surrealism

Midnight, December 25th 1993
Oil on Canvas - 28" x 36" 1996

Jenny and I would kiss deeply, and long.

There was snow falling.

I looked up at the dark sky riddled with flakes, just dumping down.

It was midnight December 25th, 1993.

Jenny, Rachel and I had decided to take a stroll into the night as we’d seen snow coming down from inside her warm cozy house in Chantilly, VA, lit aglow with yellows and crisp siennas from the roaring fire. I think there was a fireplace. Yes, there was.

Rachel was a good friend of hers who lived a few doors down.

Oil on Canvas - 2005
The Ribbon (Drawing)
Graphite on Paper - 2002
Preliminary drawing of "Ribbon" painting.
Oil on Canvas - 2017
Tribute to the late Yaffa Cafe, NYC.
The Ribbon
Oil on Canvas - 2003
I often see myself as a female in my dreams as well as my novel.
In Luminous
Oil on Canvas - 2012
This was a commission from a very important client.
The First Time
Oil on Canvas - 2007
This is a painting of the first time I ever laid eyes on a girl who actually liked me.
Fade Away
Oil on Canvas - 2017
Oil on Canvas - 1996
These floating black monoliths topped with turbines inhabited my mind when I first moved to New York
In Paris
Graphite on Paper
Vanishing Sun
Oil on Canvas - 2007
Memory and Machines
Oil on Canvas - 1997
Abstract work. Dreams about windmills and turbines.
Vesper Heliotropic
Print Graphic Novel 2008
Oil on Canvas - 2013
Light Years Katherine
Oil on Canvas - 2009
This painting is an actual premonition of my current partner of 6 years, Katherine
Oil on Canvas - 2006
Wind and Whisper
Oil on Canvas - 2012
She's not quite looking at you, almost looking past you
Ravenel Lane
Oil on Canvas - 2009
In Ravensworth Farm, a Northern Virginian suburb not far from D.C.
Into The Door
Oil on Cardboard - 1996
This is me heading into a recurring doorway, and cathedral
The Dharma Coffeehouse
Oil on Cardboard - 1996
In a Small World
Oil on Canvas - 2005
Ten Thousand Years
Oil on Canvas - 2013
Self Portrait
Charcoal on Paper 1996
The Playground
Oil on Canvas - 1996
I spent the early days of my childhood in Centerville, Virginia
Untitled I
Oil on Canvas October 2019
Fair Oaks Mall
Oil on Wood - 1996
This is a depiction of Mall life
In Her Hallway
Oil on Canvas - 2005
Many of the characters from my dreams are females luring you in...
Full of Stars
Oil on Canvas - 30" x 48" - January 2020
Though from a literal dream I had recently, these symbols are from a series of dreams and night terrors I've had my whole life.
In Her Hallway Detail
Oil on Canvas - 2005
***k The VCR!
Oil on Canvas - 2017
I was visiting Manhattan back in 2016...
Another Fall
Oil on Canvas - 2007
This translucent monolith is a representation of night terrors I had when I was a kid.
Jefferson Memorial
Oil on Canvas - 2014
Portrait of the Jefferson Memorial at night.
At National
Oil on Canvas - 2005
This is the first painting I did after getting back from France in 2005